Hybrid Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    It is often challenged with dropped connections that result in lost time, re-logins and headaches. It also means more IT            support calls. Hybrid Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions powered by VST build a secure and reliable Hybrid VPN              tunnel that maintains and secures data connections, pausing mobile applications as workers roam, so they are more                  productive and focused on their jobs – not the technology.

     We are pretty sure your local provider would have updated you that it's not their fault and commonly point to :-

  • Cable theft
  • Delinquent Contractors
  • Act of god,
  • Fiber card
  • Port Hang

     Why do you need to put all the risk into one basket ??

     For IT Administrators, Hybrid VPN gives access to the security, visibility and centralized control needed to manage mobile       deployments and get the most out of mobile investments. Enterprises can rely on  VPN to deliver end-to-end mobile                 solutions with reliable connectivity across all networks.

      RELIABLE MANAGED FIX AND LTE HYBRID NETWORK FOR ALL                                                INDUSTRY

        A VPN Built for Today’s Hybrid World

  • Built for Today’s Hybrid World
  • Provides the ability for the device to hibernate without any interruption to the user, greatly improves productivity, and extends the battery life of the wireless device
  • Is a software solution that is implemented on the session level and is Delivers up to 60 percent better throughput compared to other VPN solutions.
  • Contains a user interface can be used for branding by the service provider
  • Allows companies to protect their entire mobile workforce with one VPN solution
  • The central management tool provides remote deployment and enforcement of user policies
  • Provides a management server that automates tracking of all network access attempts as required by HIPAA, PCI, and SOX
  • Has multifactor authentication and up to 256-bit AES encryption
  • Scales to up to 100,000-plus clients with multiple servers

         We Offer, and How They Differ MANAGED SolutionThe

  • Far more scalable—its efficient, streamlined code base yields better responsiveness and better throughput.
  • Far more effective—ultimately, Vsystems products enable fast, effective deployment and end-to-end service level management of an enterprise’s entire IT infrastructure.
  • Scalability. Vsystems products offer an efficient code base and robust functionality that enable it to accommodate business and infrastructure growth—and manage more systems, more users, and more data.